Kisaragi Attention (English lyrics)

(feel free to use, permission not required as long as you give credit~)

Whoa-oh, where is my feet leading me to?
Don’t know, what I should wear right now
Oh, my lovely day is so hopeless this afternoon

Whoa-oh, would’ve heels been better for me?
Uh no, they’d just catch attention
So, I’ll wear this hood and hope that I won’t be… recognized by anyone

Walking on my own through back alleyways
Oh how my heart beats so furiously

Suddenly, wind blows off my hood
I’m in the open, everyone turns to stare right at me “I guess
I’m not having a regular afternoon after all”.  Now it’s time to run.

Pound, pound, pound I wanna give up.
Even though my concerts are sold out
It just really makes me numb
I can’t stand this, I stand out too much

Pound, pound, pound I wanna give up
That’s what I think anxiously about
“Quit staring at me please” but I bite my tongue, and stuff those words away

Whoa-oh, I have known this for some time
that people always notice me, even now,
I’m hiding again, I feel that I’m way too used to this

Whoa-oh, I’ve heard a saying from someone
But I’ve, forgotten it already
“Ahh” I wanna shout “this really sucks”
but I bite my tongue and then be on my way

Watching as the panic took over the streets
This just makes me want to give up as an idol
Back in the day I thought I wanted to be a celebrity,
oh foolish thoughts I had back then
I, planned out all of my future aspirations without a single thought

Pound, pound, pound I wanna give up
Everyone is cheering for me but
“Do you truly think I’m first rate?”
I don’t understand, I’m not really great

Pound, pound, pound, I wanna vanish
But I can’t find my voice to speak out
“Ahh, I’m making myself cry” but I bite my tongue, and stuff those words away

Whoa, whoa, whoa you’ve got to stop now
Don’t you hear those loud cheers all around?
The idol you’ve strived to become, is already here, in front of your eyes

Pound, pound, pound my heart is beating
You should know you are never alone
Okay say it with me now
No need to hesitate

Now I’m sure I’ll smile brightly,
It feels like my heart is gonna stop
Totally it’s filled to the top
So can I take yours? Can’t I just take yours?

This dream of mine’s overflowing,
with all that I want to say out loud
Don’t look away gravely,
face tomorrow bravely
Giving it all you got!

Music by Jin
Original vocals by IA
Lyrics & vocals by FroggieSinger


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