Mushikui Psychedelism (English lyrics)

Lyrics by: FlyByVictory. Please credit him if you use~

[I obtained permission to post his lyrics on my blog, do not re-post elsewhere]

Matter and the mind, atonements that, are, both-the-same
But it’s obvious, they’re lost in disarray

Things like wanting peace
Are only, egos, that we need
Pulling down my sleeves, I try to hide so you can’t see

Even if, there’s a world, with no mana, that unfurl
Say goodbye….to our own thoughts that multiply!

So now I will,

Kill you, then
Kill again
Break to pieces, at the end
With a broken needle, I will pierce you in the eye

Even if I

Shut my heart
Fall apart,
Turn away and just forget

By myself, I wanted to
Scream and shout

Made and hidden in a staircase that I had noticed
Scattered knives about, what should I make of this?

Things like knowing love, I didn’t think, about it much
Your annoying neck, I wanted to just cut it off

Full intent, I can see, what you really, wanted from me
Say farewell, to the phrase that means “worm eaten.”

So now I will

And make you shake,
Strip you till there’s nothing left
Until my desire burns into your eyes at last

Even if you

Open up
Learn to love
If you can remember it

By myself, I wanted to
Just cry out

As you laid, on the bed,
Your-final breath, to be had
Suddenly….I turned back and glanced right at you….

Growing up, fall in love
Turn the clock back to the start
Just so you understand
That I’m sorry….

So then can you

Kill me, then
Just kill again
Break to pieces, at the end
As the last hand changes, for the final time, I see

Even as I

Start to cry
Wonder why
Love will always pass us by

It’s too late…and now you have


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