Miiro (English lyrics)

Lyrics by: FlyByVictory. Please credit him if you use~

[I obtained permission to post his lyrics on my blog, do not re-post elsewhere]

As the morning light shines down onto us
Weigh anchor!

With nothing left to say
I had kept listening to the sounds of waves
Feeling the meaning of my memories being tested everyday
And even in the darkness, I remembered this
I will move on, you see? Please watch over me

So repeatedly, we won’t regret to them
Sometimes we all have to deal with these tragic things

Tomorrow comes, with farewells and aspirations
With all the loss, despair, and even separation
Crossing seas of sorrow til I reach my destination

Even if!

The world begins to melt into a clear ocean of blue, I know
That I’ll always hear your voice saying “it’s alright, just come back home, okay?”
And if the world turns upside down and I can’t find the ground, I will
Keep on looking straight ahead, it’ll be fine if you’re right by my side
With a shot full of my dreams and hopes

Let it go!


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