Love Trial / Ren’ai Saiban (English lyrics)

Lyrics by: FlyByVictory. Please credit him if you use~

[I obtained permission to post his lyrics on my blog, do not re-post elsewhere]
Oh, no, no, no
Don’t know what came over me
And so, you must believe
That to me, you are my, everything
Please, just don’t, bring the hammer down harshly
I can’t go living without you, why can’t you see?

Oh Jesus
Please don’t give me that cold stare
No, not again, I’ll change myself, you know that I’ll swear, wait!
Can you have some mercy? That’s all I ask
So, just this once, can you please turn your back?

A perfect crime I had planned all night
And coupled with, a pretty airtight alibi
But I just can’t pull the, wool over your eyes
A simple trick, ain’t that right?  No, no, no!

Here at my Love Trial, can you please just tell me?
How long’s the list of charges going to be?
For the verdict, after my apology
By powers vested, you-had declared, that I was guilty

Oh, no, no, no
Hey, this cannot be happening, wait,
If it’s the end, would you please listen to my last request?
If you want to toss me down some dark pit,
At least can your hands be the ones that push me in?

Oh Jesus
Guess the evidence is right, so
It looks like, I can’t talk my way out of it, this time,
Hey if this is where you want to keep me locked
I can’t complain where I had ended up

So thanks to all these, character flaws
And one time transgression, you can’t forgive at all
I know you won’t be, returning with the key
I’m stuck in quite a pickle, even if, I start to beg and plead

Is this the “perfect crime”?  No, that just can’t be right
It wasn’t, what we were, after, all this time
And-looking at us, this pain that we held inside
Both fated to pass judgement on this relationship,-of ours

And the verdict, in which I’m guilty
So, what crimes will you decide to blame on me?
And till death, I will keep on saying sorry
So until that time, I will always stay by your side

My Love Trial, I can finally see
The truth that, you had been, trying to show me
As your tears fell, I noticed something as well
The smile you hid here, it had all become quite clear, I see!

Hey!  Aren’t you guilty?


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