Thumbnails Decoded

I started using a particular style of making thumbnails for YouTube that I thought was pretty nifty. I did put in some thought into it so I thought I would make a post explaining the system today. No one’s asked me about it yet, though. Maybe because it’s easy to figure out or maybe no one’s noticed or maybe they just don’t care? Since you’re reading this, it must mean you have some level of curiosity? It’s pretty simple actually.

thumbnails decoded

Observe and be amazed! This is a simple screenshot of what you would see if you visit the videos page. I labelled the 5 different types of borders I use for my thumbnails. This is what they mean:

  1. White corners – you will see this type on a lot of my covers. What does it mean? It means they’re vocaloid covers. Simple as that (ouo)b
  2. Green border – then what about this one? Can you guess? If you guessed anime covers, then you are correct!
  3. Purple border – Okay, this one is a little bit more challenging. You’ll see them used for announcements, voice memes…basically miscellaneous stuff that don’t really fit into a category.
  4. Blue border – I forgot I even used this one until recently when I looked back on my other karaoke challenges. Yep, they’re used for karaoke challenges. I guess they were special enough to get their own colour ( ◞・౪・)
  5. No border – huh? You thought it was going to be another colour, didn’t you? Nope, this is just a plain ol’ rectangle with a clean edge. They’re used for videos that I think will be removed in the future. They won’t stick around for the long run, so appreciate them while they’re still there ヾ(。・ω・。)

And that’s it! That was pretty quick and easy. Why did I come up with this system? Well, I do organize my videos according to language and such (you would know if you checked my YT front page), but this is another way for you to navigate. Hope you learned something new today. See you next time, ribbiter!


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