YouTube Red and the Fate of the Youtaites

Hot news: so this coming October 28 2015, which is 3 days away, comes YouTube Red. What’s YouTube Red, you say? If you’ve been out of the loop recently, YT Red is a new subscription service. Here’s the official trailer on it:

If you’re too lazy to watch the video here’s a short description from YouTube:

You may have heard that we recently announced YouTube Red – a new membership that offers fans more choice in how they watch their favorite videos with features like ad-free, background and offline viewing for a monthly fee. In order to deliver a great experience for fans who choose to pay for this offering, we are updating our contracts with all of our content partners. The new terms make it possible for us to share subscription revenues with creators, providing an additional revenue stream for them beyond ad-supported YouTube revenue. The overwhelming majority of videos on YouTube are accounted for in our agreements, but there are some partners who have asked for more time to think about their options. While we work with these partners to update their terms, we unfortunately can’t make their claimed videos available in the US.

Right away you can tell that YouTube is trying pretty hard to sell us this new platform. I don’t really have any problems with introducing new add-ons to the pre-existing YouTube, or even a side alternative, and they have said that the free side of YouTube won’t change. But…this is a lie. Creators are forced to choose to sign and agree to YT Red or have their videos blocked. To those YouTubers who make a living out of this form of entertainment, they don’t really have much of a choice. To sum it up from Destructoid:

So, to simplify that, certain publishers haven’t yet agreed to YouTube Red’s terms and thus YouTube is preventing videos of their games from being played in the United States. And since all the details of the agreements aren’t available to the public, it’s difficult to place blame directly here.

This currently only affects the USA since YT Red is only being introduced there. As a result, a bunch of my videos have been blocked to the USA and I really have no control over this, because let’s face it, being a cover artist means not holding the copyright. It sucks, but this is the world of copyright. This is a list of my videos that have been blocked:


I am planning to reupload at alternate video sites in case YT Red ends up destroying YT completely, but no one really knows what’s going on right now. I’m lucky because YouTube isn’t my job, but how it’ll affect my channel and everyone else’s is still a concern. SkywardWing made a video from a creator’s perspective:

Here’s a reddit post with more discussion on this: 

Overall, this is all the info I can offer you guys at this moment in time. We’ll see in the coming few months (and days) how YT Red will change YouTube forever. Or maybe it’ll sink like Google+ (everyone remember how awful that was?)


3 thoughts on “YouTube Red and the Fate of the Youtaites

  1. I have a question. I would like to start using YT and cover songs so that I can create a following for my own music. Is this not a possibility anymore with the new YouTube red on the horizon? I won’t be able to use traffic from covers of popular songs to create an audience?

    1. Hi Londya England,

      YouTube Red only currently affects people in the USA. If you’re not in the USA, you should be fine. If you are in the USA, then some songs may be blocked depending on the copyright holder. I don’t really understand what you mean by “using YT and cover songs so that I can create a following for my own music”. Do you mean covering songs to create a fan base? You can always try and upload the music. Some covers should be fine to do, you’ll just have to be more selective as to whose music you choose to cover.

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