Dark Woods Circus (English lyrics)

Music & lyrics by MachigeritaP
Vocals & English lyrics by Froggie
Translations used (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsjTBdiPq8o)

Deep in the woods, there in the heart it stood
It’s a circus, shrouded in darkness

The ringmaster, has large and wide eyes
I see that he’s ten metres tall in size

All of the cast, have smiles so vast
Even though they have bodies that are strange

But it’s so fun, and I’m not yet done
Dark Woods Circus
Come let’s take another peek

One with two heads, they are —monsters— and a
Deformed diva who is half a freak
Then there’s the blue beast who loves to eat
Cold things because to him it tastes so sweet

It is not my wish, to be born like this
My form is as, undesirable as you think
Why do you look at, me with eyes like that
This face you see, is rotting, it is rotten

“It is painful, oh it’s painful
But it is not, like it can be helped at all”
This is what she speaks, and the show goes on, there is no stop,
There is no end, forever

It is so much fun, it is so much fun
This circus is, fun and won’t ever be done
Rotten fruit dissolves, my eyes they crawl
Reflected in, them is my skin rotting off

I just want to die, I just want to die
Take me away, won’t someone ever reply?
“It’s impossible” I can hear them say
There is no way, I guess I am here to stay


2 thoughts on “Dark Woods Circus (English lyrics)

  1. I love your lyrics!! ^^ Idk if I’ll ever upload anything because I’m a bad singer xD But if I ever do, do you allow people to use your lyrics with credit? :3

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