October: Fall

Happy Halloween~

Don’t forget it’s daylight savings tomorrow!

Let’s Talk About Covers

If you haven’t seen it already because you’ve been busying yourself with Halloween activities, my English version of Dark Woods Circus came out today. I had it planned for a while after I saw a request for it in my request list-yes, I DO check that list and cover songs that people want to hear, I just do them at my own pace- Wow that song is amazingly high and I know I have long ways to go, but I wanted to do it in the original octave rather than an octave down because it wouldn’t have the same impact otherwise. The KAITO voice was a spur of the moment decision because I wanted it to sound drastically different, haha. You can tell it’s still me singing all the parts though- SELF CHORUS BABY…aka forever alone.

Speaking of choruses, there are some big ones in the works right now! I can’t give away too much though, but one of them will (hopefully) be a Christmas chorus with Moonlight Sonata! It’s not a Christmas song but uh…(゜▽゜;) We did Suki! Yuki! Magic last year and that was awesome. Another one is one that I’m organizing. It’s still in its preliminary stages so even if I gave away anything now, it might change drastically in the future…like an ugly duckling who trips and falls but grows to be a graceful swan who unfurls her wings at the stroke of midnight on the lake. Did I make it sound beautiful just now? HAHA I tried. It will be released when it is ready and you won’t be disappointed (/^▽^)/

Other uploads this month includes Hello, Worker and Stronger Than You. Both of them were on the lighter side than usual in terms of workload but it only turned out that way because they were meant to be simple. Hello, Worker is a song that truly resonates with me and I’m glad a bunch of other people could relate to it too. If you’re one of them, don’t worry. You do belong somewhere and you will find your path. It’s a matter of trial and error and having patience (and lots of praying). I’m in the same boat so let’s work to success together.

Daughter of Evil is another cover I didn’t get to talk about last month since that post was written before the cover was released. So I’ll just briefly give some insight on it now. It was the most highly requested cover for the last couple of months and I actually did start on it months ago…hahaha. Now that it’s out, the other songs in the series are getting more and more requests, so I’ll be getting to work on those as well. There are actually 8 songs in the entire series, some of which I’ve never even heard of before. I would be impressed if I could cover a majority of the series at least.

Anime & Games

I started watching The Idol M@ster and this anime has FEELS. (´;д;`) I’m the type to cry over sad stories, shows, books, anything. idolmasterep20Episode 20 had my heart crushed to pieces and glued back together. Seriously so good. If you like idols and lighthearted stories and slice of life with feels then I would recommend this one. I haven’t finished it yet though, so no spoilers please!

Some other ones I recently watched are Junjou Romantica season 3 and Shirokuma Cafe. These days I find myself being drawn to easy going and funny animes.

As for games, I remember last month I announced I started a new game called Celestial Dynasty and I didn’t have much to say about it since I just started. Now I don’t play it much anymore, simply because it’s so recelestial dynasty2petitive and…frankly, pay to win. It’s not really my style. Don’t get me wrong, I like my fantasy mmorpgs as much as the next guy but this click and watch style isn’t my thing. So I’ve moved on to something new. I recently started Terraria. This game is like a 2D version of Minecraft, but has a stronger fighting component with boss monsters (compared to my little experience of playing Minecraft). terraria screenieSo of course it’s a pixel game! It’s quite fun because you get to be creative. At the same time, it takes some adjusting to its mechanics, and its bizarre logic (zombies wear raincoats when it rains and slime monsters carry umbrellas). That’s all I’m playing for now, life’s been pretty busy and I wish I had more time to do fun things. (;•͈́༚•͈̀)

Cya guys with a post next month~


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