November: a Short Break

Another month is almost over, which means it’s almost December. When you get older, time passes by so fast. My birthday is coming up in 8 days (it’s on December 7th!)…I don’t want to get older (;´゚Д゚)ゞ Where has the youth gone. I know I’m overreacting, I’m not even that old. But anything over 20 seems ancient to me.

shocked mikan

Thank you everyone for joining me on my music journey. I learned a lot and I still have more to learn. Hehehe, look forward to it.

This month was mostly a break month, I was off adventuring into the world of NaNoWriMo and didn’t get much time to work on any projects. But now that November is almost over, it’s time to get my hands dirty on Secret Santa and holiday related stuff. There’s also been quite a few collaborations I’m involved in, those usually take much longer to complete and I’m not in full control of the process but the results are usually amazing 😉

I’m still in the process of uploading some blocked covers (due to YT red) onto Vimeo. They only allow 500mb a week, which means 1 video a week. This is incredibly limiting, but thank you for being patient!

On an awesome note, Paypal finally created a convenient way to send and receive money (ノ*゜▽゜*) I will not lie about how long the donate link used to be. But now it’s just -> You’re not obliged to donate, but it will go towards more equipment, gear, and um, paying off student debt.

Anime & Games

I started watching Noragami (2 episodes in) and My Love Story (1 episode in). No spoilers please (︶︹︺) I will probably get around to finishing them after my finals. One Punch Man looks pretty funny too, anyone seen it and would recommend it?

You see these awesome cats? Yes, my weakness is cuteness. I started playing Neko Atsume and it’s literally a game where you wait for cats to come and visit you. The graphics are simple and it’s not a very demanding game- perfect for the casual player.

kanpani girls

Trying out new games is something I’ve been doing more and more. The only limiting factor is that I’m a cheapo and I won’t play games that I have to pay for…unless it’s really good? But this one is also free, it’s called Kanpani Girls. Haha, it’s also new (at least for English audiences) and it’s basically an RPG game with a mercenary system where you collect girls and they fight…and they lose some clothes when they die. So be warned if that isn’t your cup of tea. I usually lose interest in games that are too repetitive. Luckily this one is like Celestial Dynasty and runs on an auto mode so I can tab out and do something else while the girls fight. I feel like this game is a combo of Love Live (collecting and leveling) and Celestial Dynasty (fighting and auto-mode).

I’m excited for December 😀 I know, I know, it’s a busy time for everybody but I look forward to ending 2015 and entering 2016! And I will tell you why next month, so please read my next blog post then. (⌒▽⌒ゞ


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