December: The End of 2015

Hello all, welcome back to my monthly blogs! I hope you had an eventful swag filled day.

korra swag.gif

December is a really busy time of the year… with finals, Christmas and holidays, and the hype for the new year. It makes me feel so tired I just want to curl up in my bed and talk a long nap, but who’s got time for that right now?

It’s time to do a Froggie Flashback! This month I released two new covers. The first one is Streaming Heart. It’s a kick ass breakup song that gives you power.
╭( ・ㅂ・)و ))) It won’t give you wings though, you’d have to drink Red Bull for that.

And the second release is Snow Fairy Story, which I thought would be great this holiday season. The song was also made for Snow Miku 2015. (Shhhhh I know the Snow Miku 2016 design already came out, but it’s still 2015 right now). The flowers you see are Lilies of the Valley, and they mean “the return of happiness”. It’s such a thoughtful design ε=(。♡ˇд ˇ♡。)


I’ve also been pretty active on FaceBook and made a year end post on there as well. It features an improvement meme and pep talk so make sure you go over there and read it. Here’s a taste of what’s there.

frog fb improvement post screenie

I still have a backlog of half finished covers to do, and yes, there are some song requests in there as well. I’ll do my best to get through them all, but you’ll have to be patient with me.

I mentioned at the end of my November blog post that I was excited to see the end of 2015 and I would tell you guys why. It’ll get a bit personal here, but 2015 hasn’t been so good to me health wise. This year I suffered through some pretty horrible things, though nothing life threatening. I remember getting my wisdom tooth extracted earlier in the year and then it later got an infection which also gave me cold symptoms. Then I caught a cold for real and singing became difficult. Later on I contracted stomach issues, and it was not fun. It was the worst year for me in terms of health. I really hope 2016 will be much better.

Personally, I liked 2014 more than 2015 because I felt like I had more freedom and I didn’t feel so self conscious. I was also busier this year so I miss being more active. I don’t see myself as popular at all, but I do acknowledge that life changes a bit when you get some popularity. I badly want to say I don’t care, but that’s not true. A part of me feels a bit excited at the idea and another part of me feels terrified. I don’t need or want to be consumed by it, but a part of me wonders if it’s necessary. Right now, I know I won’t ever feel satisfied, but I do feel content. Is that even possible?

Let’s all top both 2014 and 2015 with the new year. For everything you wish you could have done differently, do so in the coming year.

Stay safe and I’ll see you in 2016!


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