January: Return of Japanese Covers

First of all, happy new year and I hope you’re having a productive 2016.

Does anyone still bother to make new years resolutions? I figured there was no point because it all becomes a pretense to inevitably failing and disappointing yourself. Not to say that having goals is bad, but new years resolutions are notorious for failing even when the person is highly determined. This could be because we set the goal too high or maybe it was something we were only half hearted about. So…let’s do it differently and continue to work and improve by challenging yourself but not be demanding. It sounds harder than it actually is, so don’t worry about it.

This month, Dream Fireworks and Hello, Shooting-star was released and both were in Japanese (I’m surprised too)!

The last time I did a Japanese cover was back in May 2015 with Moonlight Embellishment Girl. I’m still fond of that cover because I can relate to it and the beat is so groovy.

Hello, Shooting-star is my first ever solo collaboration with an instrumentalist. I sing to instrumentals all the time, but this cover was a team effort and lots of fun. Fun fact: Moonlight Sonata’s 虚言NEUROSE was also a collaboration with an instrumentalist, Wasdiop, who created the instrumental!

February will probably be tutorial month. I’ve been cooperating with Flyby on a tutorial about writing translyrics. There will be two different tutorials and it features me awkwardly talking/reading, ahaha. I’m still more comfortable singing than talking into a mic. But the tutorials will be around 7-10 minutes in length each and features awesome stickman illustrations and animations done by yours truly (i.e. don’t expect fancy smancy animation magic… but, you should be entertained). And I’m considering releasing the bloopers too because I like to make fun of myself and I get off track and start laughing randomly. I will also write a blog post to accompany the tutorials here so look out for those too.

Here’s a little preview of what it will look like:


Speaking of cooperating with other people, there *should* also be two collabs coming out in February as well! They are still in the process of being worked on. One of them is something I personally organized for a few months and it features many other singers you’re probably familiar with (yes, I get excited just talking about this mystery cover and it’s the same project I alluded to in my November post). Don’t worry, I will notify you all when it goes live, but it will be AMAZING. Trust me. I feel tempted to write about my experience and give some backstage exclusive content in a blog post in the future, if anyone is seriously interested. (Let me know in the comments!)

The other chorus is something I will feature in and that will be great too. I am sweating over the fact that there’s a lot to juggle this month and next month, so please send me your support and patience ;__;

To the SoundCloud listeners: SoundCloud has limited space and I will probably upload 4-5 more songs up there before I run out of space. At that point, I will probably stop uploading there because otherwise the older songs will be lost. I do have the option of using my FroggieSingerEXTRA account but that account is meant for outtakes and not-serious tracks, plus not everyone follows that account so it’ll be an inconvenience to SC users who follow the official account. I am debating about paying the monthly Pro subscription, but SoundCloud is expecting to switch their plans to a subscription-paid listening service later this year, so I don’t think it’s worth taking the risk. Sorry for the inconvenience! Hopefully this will get solved when SoundCloud makes their move. (Read more about their futures changes from Consequence of Sound and Stereo Gum).

Anime & Games

What’s on my past and current watch list? I recently watched One Punch Man, and Shiki. OPM was amazing, I thought it would be about classic shounen heroes and the power of friendship, but I was so glad I was wrong. I really enjoyed the allusions and parodies. Shiki was…psychological and philosophical to say the least. I can’t say I enjoyed it because after I watched the end, I wondered why I even bothered watching this series. There were also some weak points to the story and the characters hardly developed. But that’s just my opinion. I am currently watching My Love Story, Shirokuma Cafe, and Osomatsu-san! I’ve been in the mood for comedies and light hearted anime lately. If you ever have any recommendations, feel free to suggest something!


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