DOGS (English Lyrics)

Lyrics by: FlyByVictory. Please credit him if you use~

[I obtained permission to post his lyrics on my blog, do not re-post elsewhere]

One day, a new phone arrived
Six months, though, hadn’t even gone by
But the design is just,-too,-good to pass up

Ah well, I’m so tired of this, see?
Hey, can’t you tell?, The,-paint’s-already peeling
Guess-I-better go out, and, buy,-a new one!

It seems that some new feature had been added, to it
Although, its function is something I still don’t, get one bit
They’re flying off the shelves, there’s not a single one left in sight
So, if they sell this well, you know it would be a, mistake not to buy one, right?!

Don’t you know? Their motives alone, won’t guarantee success
Hands and feet, can’t run or retreat,
Bound by the lies they tell
We got to, decide for ourselves

Lost in the arms of all-their-fans, a famous artist
Always in first,-but-it ain’t a contest….. right? (yeah right)

Once more, they put out-another
An-amazing,-hit-single cover
Al,-though, if they weren’t well known, then, who’d care at all? (lol)

Before this person finally reached the point, where they are now
I had decided to go and check-what-they’re-about
But next, they’re suddenly ranked
Views jumped up again
So, if they can sell well, then,
Should everyone just jump onto the bandwagon? (lol)

Me?-is-it-you?-And-everyone, too?
We’re-all-the-same, that’s the truth
Just scream out-and shout, it is pride for this group that has chained, you down
These dumb things, they advocate for
Just-screws-it-up, even more
At least, get, ahold, of yourself

Just simple dogs
Who only bark back
That’s all we know
Ain’t it sad?

They keep on waiting for a treat

Take off the collar, you put on yourself
Don’t-just follow everyone else

Come on, try to find it yourself!
Come on, you can do it as well!

Who really cares, if it’s what you need?!
To-be part of each-”new”-thing?!

This leash, they follow,-binding them like dogs, they chase, all the, trends

Take off the collar, you put on yourself
Don’t-just follow everyone else

Come on,-try,-to find it yourself!
Come on,-you,-can do it as well!

Come on,-just, decide for yourselves!

(Can’t even smell, a good enough treat)
(These obedient dogs, continued on, barking) x2



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