froggie blessing.png

‘Sing from the heart’

Froggie is a Vocaloid and anime cover artist based in Canada. She has been singing on Youtube since 2012, gathering a fan base of over 30,000 subscribers and more than 5 million page views. Froggie comes from a choral background, having 4 years in concert choir. Froggie’s favourite genre of music is rock, but she sticks to no particular genre of music in regards to her covers.

Froggie’s passion is singing. Her birthday is on December 7th. Her favorite colour is green. As for hobbies, she enjoys playing video games with good story lines and creating stories in her head. She has also done sprite animations in the past, draws anime art work and comics, and is progressively teaching herself more audio editing techniques. When she’s not at work, she likes to sleep in and watch anime.