Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Equipment

What do you use to record?

I use a USB condenser microphone. Currently, I am using the Apex440. From Dec. 2012 to Dec. 2013, I used the Blue Yeti.

What do you use to mix your covers?

All covers released March 2015 and onwards are done with Mixcraft 7. All covers before that was mixed in Mixcraft 5 or Audacity.

What do you use to make your videos?

Vegas Pro 12.0.

Can I/ Can you/ How do you – Questions

Can I use your covers for a project/ fan PV/ video of mine?

Yes! Just credit me with a link to my channel. My covers are free to use for your creative and non-profit use! But please don’t take my entire video and re-post it on YouTube!!! That’s a big no-no.

Can I use your lyrics?

Yes! Just credit me with a link to my channel 🙂

Can I duet/collab with you?

Due to the volume of requests I get, collabs are currently limited to close associates only. Sorry for the inconvenience m(_ _)m It depends on my schedule and how busy I am at that time. I may or may not accept depending on circumstances, so don’t take it to heart! I like to work with fun, skilled, and dependable people. Sub count does not matter to me, but I am a bit picky with mic quality and vocal technique. I have a preference to work with people who are more active and/or have been in this community for a long time because I like maintaining friendships. I’m good with either English or Japanese collaborations. Feel free to shoot me a message via PM, Twitter or e-mail.

I’ve also made a guide for increasing your chances of getting a collab, feel free to use for all your future collab endeavors:

Can you sing [insert song name here]?

You can request a song here.

Can you put your songs on iTunes/Spotify/other paid streaming music platforms?

The only way I can put my music for sale or on subscription streams is if I obtain permission and licenses from the copyright owners, and since the copyright laws in Japan are different from the west, it’s a really muddy area to transverse. Maybe in the future when I gain more legal knowledge in this area and a big enough audience that want to buy my covers, I can figure something out.

I have a question about mixing! Can I ask you?

Of course! I will try to answer to the best of my ability. I’m an amateur myself, but I do understand the frustrations that comes along with mixing. I also have a series of mixing tutorials on my channel you might want to check out.

I want to draw your persona/fan art! Do you have a reference sheet?

Yes, I do. It’s right here. I love seeing fan art, so feel free to show me the finished product~

How do you make your videos? Please teach me!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but many of my covers’ animations are not done by me. The video itself usually credits the animator(s), so I’m really not the right person to ask. If it’s a simple picture with subtitles then the video was probably done by me, and that sort of basic animation is really easy to learn and there are tons of tutorials out there! Just Youtube search “how to use Sony Vegas” or “Sony Vegas for beginners” if you want to learn. If you’re just interested in using the song’s original animation, or an animation from another video then you can use Clip Converter or any other media conversion application. It’ll convert the online video into a .mp4 and then you can import that into your video editing program. Keep in mind that if you do upload someone else’s work, be sure to credit them!

Can you sing my/so-and-so’s translyrics? I saw you did a cover of ____ but I think so-and-so’s lyrics are better, can you cover the song again using their lyrics?

Lyrics is a personal choice and I usually look at multiple sets of lyrics and test them out before deciding which set of translyrics I want to use for my cover. If you don’t like the lyrics I chose, that’s your own opinion. You’re free to listen to a cover that uses your preferred lyrics. You can send me your translyrics, but PLEASE don’t start your message with “hi can you sing the lyric i have write you can take your time in sing them you do not have to rush” (this is a true story). At least make it seem like you can write proper lyrics and grammar. Don’t take offense if I don’t use them though, maybe I wasn’t interested in the song or maybe they didn’t work well with my sense of rhythm. ^^; If I do use them, I’ll probably send you a DM with the link to the video and credit you in the video description. If I already did an English cover of a song, the chances of me doing that song again with different English lyrics is veeery slim because, like I said before, choosing lyrics is a personal decision, and I’m probably happy with the lyrics I first chose and don’t wish to use any other set of lyrics.

Questions from Potential Future Youtaites

What’s the youtaite community like?

I’m only one person in the community, so my opinion may be drastically different from others. It’s a community where people love Vocaloid music and most of them sing. If you love to sing and also love Vocaloid music, then this is the place for you. I admit there are different circles of friends, and like in every community, there is drama. But I feel that people are generally open to meeting new people (just don’t approach someone like a crazy fan if you want to be their friend, just treat them like a normal person because some youtaites may feel uncomfortable or shy). If you’re active and friendly, you’ll start to attract others for sure! You might even grow a fan base, but don’t let that enlarge your head. Just remember to be genuine and true to yourself!

What microphone should I buy if I’m just starting out?

It really depends on your budget. If you can’t afford anything pricy, start with any USB microphone because they don’t require any other equipment aside from your computer. I suggest a condenser mic, though dynamic is alright.

As for specific brands, I heard the Blue Snowball is very popular for its price ($50 USD), though I’ve never used it myself. If you want something a bit more expensive and better quality, try the Samson c01u or AT2020. I’ve heard good things about these mics. As for microphones I’ve actually tried myself, the Blue Yeti is pretty versatile and good at not picking up background noises and static. But mine short circuited after just 1 year… which was upsetting and I probably will never recommend it to others. The Apex440 has been faithfully functioning for over a year now, it does pick up some static and background noises and isn’t top tier, but it does what it does for its price.

What mixing program should I use if I’m starting out from zero?

Definitely Audacity! It’s free and very basic, and there are tons of tutorials on it 🙂 Once you feel like you’ve mastered and outgrown it, you’ll want to move onto more intricate programs. For Mac users, I guess GarageBand would be the starting point.

Who-Are-You Questions

How did you come up with the persona/alias ‘Froggie’?

Froggie was originally an original character of mine. The name came from me brainstorming words that came to mind when I thought of my favorite colour: green. ‘Frog’ was one of those words, and I liked how it sounded. I made it ‘Froggie’ because it was cuter and more feminine. Fun fact: I only started liking frogs after I made ‘Froggie’ my alias!

You say you’re a ‘youtaite’. What’s that?

From Utaite Wiki: Utaite (歌い手) is a Japanese term for people who cover previously released songs and post them on Nico Nico Douga and YouTube under the utattemita category. The term “utaite” is unique to Nico Nico Douga singers, making it different from Kashu (歌手), which means “singer” in general. Generally, utaite do cover songs for VOCALOID original songs, anime and game related songs, and J-Pop. They also do parodies with different lyrics for popular songs, intended for amusement.

Youtaite is a coined term combining Youtube + utaite. So youtaite is basically a utaite who is most active on youtube.

Not really like a FAQ, but what do you like about being a cover artist?

My motto is: sing from the heart. I may not have the best voice, vocal technique, or even mixing skills, but I do put in a lot of care and heart into what I do. If you’re looking for purely skillful covers that are virtually flawless and finely polished, then I’m not the singer for you. My aim is to reach out and inspire others. Every time I get a comment that says “I was having a bad day, but after listening to one of your covers I feel so much better” I feel extremely happy. Sometimes I lose sight of my goal, which is why I want to write it down so I can always remind myself. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy your stay!


2 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. To be honest your covers always make me happy and lighten up my day, even though I listen to sad songs most of the time they still cheer me up when I’m feeling down ^^

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