Free Swag

For all your fangirl/fanboy needs, have some Froggie swag free of charge! If there is a specific size you need, please tell me.

Wallpapers 1920×1080

Wallpapers 1366×768

Moonlight Sonata wallpapers 1920×1080


9 thoughts on “Free Swag

      1. I actually edit there sometimes, I could add them for ya if you wanted! c: I’d just need a link for artist credit. I’m like a huuuuge art nerd, as well as a vocaloid nerd. I love when Youtaites have cool original arts!! ^^

      2. Awesome! ^^ I’ll have to give Haru a follow on DA! (I don’t use twitter much, lol) Did they both collaborate on them or did they do different ones specifically?? The wiki tries to be strict with artist credit, so I just wanna be sure X’D! And does that include the lovely Moonlight Sonata ones??? c:

      1. Awesome! I added them! ^^ I’ll have to update your songs too a bit! I’m falling really behind on doing that for YT singers ^^’ Real life has just been so hectic lately. For like a year I had all the YT singer songlists uptodate and updated them every day (because I had them all followed on YouTube). My goal is to be able to do that again, but first I have to catch up on a lotta editing! lol 🙂

      1. D’aww *blush* x’D No need to thank me! It wasn’t that much, really. I’ve been slacking off a bit lately cuz irl has been so crazy lol x’D But you’re welcome ^^ Any time! 🙂

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